Car Accidents

How To Survive a Car Crash: The Ultimate List of How To’s

Car crashes are traumatic, violent and upsetting experiences. It is estimated that all people will get in at least one car crash during their driving lifetime. In fact, statistics say that individuals get in a car wreck about every 17to18 years of their life. So, if it’s been awhile since you had one…your number could […]
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Freezing Weather Precautions

According to WISTV, Columbia could be looking at some areas of freezing rain and drizzle today. This will make driving conditions dangerous, and the car accident lawyers at Bill Green are urging drivers to take precautions when driving. “Have a warm blanket in your car and pay close attention to the changing weather forecasts in […]
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Intersate 95 Accident Kills Three

Your South Carolina personal injury attorneys at Bill Green Attorneys at Law care for your well-being and want you to stay safe on the road. We have brought you the latest news in order to keep you alert and to remind you that we are here to help if you are ever involved in an […]
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56-year-old Woman Dies in Car Accident

Bill Green, your Charleston personal injury and accident attorney, is here to help if you are ever involved in an accident. A 56-year-old woman died in a fatal accident on Dorchester Road near the Old Fort Fire Department on February 17, 2014, according to authorities. The accident happened while the woman’s 55-year-old husband was driving […]
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Ice and Its Road Consequences

South Carolina, like many other states in the south this week, was affected by a winter storm that caused icy road conditions in Charleston. While the road conditions were not as bad as those reported in Atlanta, school children being stuck overnight in schools and in traffic for hours, one of the biggest frustrations in […]
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New Years Accident Kills 2 Children

New Years Eve is always a night of celebration, but safety should always come first. Early in the morning in Oconee County, one mother, a male passenger, and her two children were involved in a fatal car accident. The two children were tragically killed in the accident, seemingly of head injuries. But the whole ordeal […]
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High School Student Killed in DUI

On the morning on December 6, 2013, a male sophomore was struck by a drunk driver on Old Barnwell Road in South Carolina. Apparently he was on his way to school when the driver crossed over into the teenager’s lane, hitting him head on. He was pronounced dead at the scene, and the driver’s life has also been forever […]
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