Ice and Its Road Consequences

South Carolina, like many other states in the south this week, was affected by a winter storm that caused icy road conditions in Charleston.

While the road conditions were not as bad as those reported in Atlanta, school children being stuck overnight in schools and in traffic for hours, one of the biggest frustrations in the area included the two –hour cross between Charleston and Mount Pleasant on Ravenel Bridge.

Without the ice, the distance on the bridge is only 10 minutes.

There is an explanation as to why Ravenel Bridge conditions were poor.

Bridges in the area were opened based on their design and easiness to be cleared. The first to be reopened was Don Holt Bridge.

Don Holt Bridge’s design was able to allow water and sand used in the clearing of the road into the Cooper River below.  It has an average of 78,000 vehicles travel on it a year.

The second bridge, Ravenel Bridge, was more complicated to clear because the bridge’s calcium chloride surface can only be cleared by using a weak brim and low calcium chloride solution.  Ravenel averages 56,400 cars a year.

Don Holt reopened at 3:30 p.m. Wednesday.

Ravenel Bridge was shut down again on Friday after ice falling from its cables hit crossing vehicles.

One incident due to the ice on the bridge included the shattering of a windshield which flung into the motorist’s eyes.

It is suggested that motorists take other routes in order to avoid any accidents. No information about when the bridge will reopen has been released yet.

It is always best to stay cautious while driving in icy conditions.

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