Drunk Driver Caused Motorcycle Accident, Sentenced Six Years

A drunk driver caused a nearly-fatal motorcycle accident in North Charleston back in 2010.  Todd Coddfield was officially sentenced six years in prison after he ran his motorcycle into a brick wall and nearly killed his passenger. Coffield had no prior record before this, but driving under the influence, such as he was, is dangerous, and is a felony.

According to the Ninth Solicitor’s Office, the woman has accepted Coffield’s offer for a motorcycle ride to Waffle House in the early morning hours of Aug. 17, 2010.

Her last recollection of the night was speeding down Elms Plantation Boulevard.  Court officals think Coffield attempted a right turn that was much too sharp, and the bike flew off the road.  It traveled 250 yards through a wooden sign and bushes, and finally crashed into a brick wall.

The impact caused the woman to stay in a coma for more than a month.  She also suffered a lacerated spleen and liver, and fractured almost all of her bones, including in her neck.  Beause of that, she will have lasting paralysis in her arm and her medical treatment will continue for the rest of her life.  Doctors say she is “extremely lucky” to be alive.

Mr. Coffield was also injured in the crash.

“This is a sad case for everyone involved, and we hope that it serves as a warning to anyone thinking about drinking and driving,” Assistant Solicitor Spencer Compton said.

Motorcycle safety and knowing when you have had too much to drink, are both so important when keeping our roads safe for all drivers. What are your views and opinions on how we can prevent accidents like this from happening?