Wearing Your Seat-belt is Important

Just last night, a 20-year old female from Hartsville was killed in a one-car accident. She hadn’t been wearing a seat-belt and was thrown from her car. Police don’t know what caused the accident. Here’s what we know: Many things affect your likelihood to be seriously injured in a car wreck, but the most important by far […]
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Fatal DUI Crash

A 20 year old man was arrested early this morning on 2 felony DUI counts. He was traveling on Riverbank Drive in Orangeburg County when he came upon another vehicle. The second vehicle was being driven by a 19 years old and two other passengers. The drunk driver ran into the second vehicle, killing their driver, and sending […]
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Distracted driving causes a fatality

A 24-year old woman, was driving down Highway 5 in Cherokee County when she wrecked her pickup truck. That morning, her truck veered off the road and into a ditch, turning over along the way. Upon investigation of the body and truck, the coroner says that he believes the accident could have been cause by distracted […]
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Fatal Hit and Run

The South Carolina Highway patrol is on the look out for two cars that they say may have damage to the front ends of the vehicles. The drivers of the two vehicles they are looking for are accused of being involved in a fatal hit and run in Greenville County. The investigating officer in the […]
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Illegal U-turn causes 3 car accident

A Georgia man, was driving down Highway 17-A in Dorchester county, South Carolina late on September 7, 2013. He attempted to make an illegal u-turn and was hit by another vehicle on his left side. This collision caused his vehicle to be pushed into a third vehicle that was traveling on the other side of the highway, […]
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Drunk Driver Kills 1 and Injures 3

Anthony Joseph Glacier was charged with multiple felony DUI’s after a car crash on I-385 killed mother-of-three Shauntia Jackson and injured her three children. Greenville police reported to the scene of the accident where Jackson was pronounced dead, and all three of her children were rushed to the hospital. Glacier was taken to the hospital as […]
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Drunk Driver Caused Motorcycle Accident, Sentenced Six Years

A drunk driver caused a nearly-fatal motorcycle accident in North Charleston back in 2010.  Todd Coddfield was officially sentenced six years in prison after he ran his motorcycle into a brick wall and nearly killed his passenger. Coffield had no prior record before this, but driving under the influence, such as he was, is dangerous, and is a felony. […]
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