Worker Injured During Fireworks Display

The North Myrtle Beach Fourth of July fireworks show at the Cherry Grove Pier left a worker injured.  According to city spokesman Pat Dowling, the man was hurt when a large firework unexpectedly exploded early.  The pier itself also received damage.

Zambelli Fireworks conducted the firework show, and had only been running about six minutes when the explosion occurred, Dowling states.  The injured man was a Zambelli employee and was  taken to Grand Strand Regional Medical Center for treatment.  The severity of the injuries was not yet clear on early Friday.

Dowling also says the Cherry Grove Pier obtained a two-by-three foot hole, as well as four feet of railing being damaged due to the explosion.

The attending crowd left the show after it became apparent that the fireworks would not continue.  However, Zambelli workers agreed that the safest way to remove the leftover fireworks would be to launch them.  Therefore, there were some fireworks seen in the sky later that night while this was being done.

The North Myrtle Beach Fire Department is investigating the cause of the premature explosion of the shell, and an update is expected to be made public on Friday.

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