Types of Car Accidents in South Carolina

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A car accident can be caused by any number of different factors, and happen before you know it.

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Some of the causes of car accidents include:

  • Driver negligence
  • Poorly designed roadways
  • Vehicle defects.

When another driver is responsible for the cause of an accident, you may have legal options.

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Common Types of Car Accidents

Whether a crash occurred in a car, commercial truck, or other type of vehicle, all crashes are categorized into different types of accidents, however, generally all car accidents can be classified as one of these types. They include:

  • Rear-end collisions A rear-end collision usually happens when a vehicle runs into the back of another vehicle. This can happen due to the driver in the back texting, changing radio stations, or just daydreaming. The driver in the rear is many times assumed to be at fault in these types of collisions since the rear drivers are required to follow at a safe distance that will allow them ample braking time before hitting the car in front of them. There are some cases when the driver in the front bears some responsibility though.
  • Head on collisions When two vehicles are driving towards each other, and collide from the front, this is considered a head on collision, and is a very dangerous, and many times deadly type of car accident. A head on collision can be the result of a driver not paying attention to the road, being distracted by texting, talking to someone else in the car, or phone, driving under the influence, or drowsy driving, then driving into oncoming traffic.
  • Sideswipe collisions Sideswipe collisions can happen when two vehicles are driving beside each other, and one vehicle turns or changes lanes improperly without taking the time to make sure there is not another vehicle beside them. In these types of car accidents, the vehicles are hit from the side. The responsibility for the accident generally falls on the driver who was careless in making the illegal turn or lane change.
  • Right angle collisions Right angle collisions happen when two vehicles are approaching from different angles and cross paths. One car can be going straight and another vehicle turning left or right. Generally, these kinds of car accidents are the result of a vehicle not yeilding or stopping when they are supposed to, including running stop signs, red lights, or just driving into oncoming traffic.
  • Encroachment Encroachment occurs when two vehicles are next to each other and one vehicle doesn’t stay on course, instead encroaching into the lane next to him or her. For example, if a driver under-turns, he may hit the car that is making a turn next to him.
  • Parked vehicle crashes / fixed objects collisions Collisions with parked vehicles or objects happen when a driver runs into a parked vehicle or object, generally due to inattentive driving, distracted driving, or drowsy driving. Unless there was a secondary cause of the accident, such as manufacturer defects, or road conditions, the driver is generally found responsible for the accident.
  • Backing up collisions A backing up accident can happen when a driver is backing out of a parking space, gas station, restaurant, etc. Many times the driver was not giving enough attention to the area behind them, in mirrors, and physically turning their heads to see.
  • Animal collisions Animal accidents happen an animal and vehicle collide. These can happen with deer, as well as smaller animals, such as dogs, cats, raccoons, and more. A collision with a larger animal such as a deer can cause a lot of vehicle and bodily damage.
  • Pedestrian accidents Pedestrian accidents are the result of a driver running into a pedestrian, and may be the fault of the person walking, or the driver, based on how the accident happened.
  • Bicycle accidents When a vehicle runs into a bicyclist, the damages can be extensive. Fault can again fall upon the driver of the car or the cyclist, based on various situations.

This is not a completely extensive list, but covers most the car accidents in Columbia that we see at The Green Law Firm. If you are the victim a car accident, call us today, or fill out our online form, and one of our car accident lawyers will go over your case with you.

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