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Side impact car accidents can many times cause the doors to be stuck on the impacted vehicle so than extrusion tools are necessary to free the passengers. Modern side-impact air bags attempt to soften the blows from the car crash, but the force is often so great that air bags can not totally protect the driver and passengers from damage.

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Side impact car accidents quite often will result in serious injuries. This is generally due to the fact that side impacts are most times caused by a driving running a stop sign or stoplight, and no braking or vehicle slowing occurs. The blast of energy from the speeds of the vehicles involved is inflicted to the drivers. The sudden stopping when a vehicle is caused to stop in an instant causes tearing and ripping of muscle tissues in most cases. This can also result in neck injuries, as well as major bone injuries like: fractured ribs, broken pelvis, lumbar spine injuries, fractured legs and arms, and serious head trauma.

Investigators can find out who may have entered the intersection first and skid marks can also help determine speeds involved in the wreck.

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