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Motorcycle and Truck Accidents are usually very serious, and chances are, you will need an accident attorney who understands these types of cases if you are involved in one. Call The Green Law Firm at 888-800-2455 for a free case evaluation.

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Watch as sport bike rider riding on the freeway hits car & then smashes into 18 wheeler tractor trailer semi truck & then is crushed underneath his own motorcycle & almost ran over by a 18 wheeler tractor trailer semi truck. The make & model of street bike that crashes in this video clip is a 2001 – 2006 Honda CBR 600 F4i. Luckily for this motorcycle rider he doe’s not appear to be seriously injured it could have been a lot worries for himself an sport bike. This video clip services as a great reminder to all motorcyclist to always wear proper safety protective gear whenever riding normally or performing stunts.

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