Truck Accident Lawyers in Florence, SC

Florence, South Carolina Truck Accident Lawyer

As we cruise the highways of Florence, South Carolina we pass many 18 Wheelers sharing the roads with us. Most people get a little uneasy driving next to one of these huge 18 Wheelers, and for good reason. While any accident can be tragic, accidents involving an 18 Wheelers can be especially dangerous and deadly.

Unfortunately, 18 Wheelers do not pose the only danger to us on the road. Commercial buses, school buses, tractor trailers, and many other types of vehicles can be exceptionally dangerous on the road. If you or a loved one has been involved in an accident with an 18 Wheeler, consider contacting an experienced Florence, South Carolina Truck Accident Lawyer, such as the Green Law Firm.

What Can An Experienced Florence, South Carolina Truck Accident Lawyer Do For You?

Truck accidents usually involve a commercial vehicle. The driver is often an employee of a company that might shoulder some responsibility in the accident. There are a wealth of complex issues that can arise out of a dangerous truck accident.

An experienced Florence Truck Accident Lawyer will be prepared to represent your rights to the fullest during any investigation that follows the accident. The Green Law Firm has several years of experience in representing victims of truck accidents and fighting for the compensation they deserve. We are familiar with the industries and big truck companies in Florence and we are ready to defend you against them.

Common Causes of Truck Accidents in Florence, South Carolina

Truck Accidents are caused by a multitude of reasons. The driver may be fatigued, there could be an equipment failure, or the truck company may not prioritize public safety as they should. Many of these trucks and operated by excellent professionals, but the reality is that many of them are not properly trained for the job. There have been instances in which a driver has falsified their hours of service logs.

An accident can be caused by something as small as an unsafe lane change or an overloaded trailer. Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is a danger for drivers of trucks as well. No matter the cause of a Truck Accident, the injuries left behind are what the victim and their family must deal with. It is the goal of the Green Law Firm to help the victim and their family through this catastrophic time.

Do Not Wait To Contact An Experienced Florence, South Carolina Truck Accident Lawyer

The big truck companies and the insurance companies can be bullies when they become involved in a case that involves a truck accident. Do not be discouraged or bullied by these people. Get a lawyer who is familiar with Truck Accident Cases in Florence, South Carolina on your team. You and your family can rest easy at night knowing you have the lawyers at the Green Law Firm fighting for the compensation you need and deserve.