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There is no single location on the South Carolina interstate highway that has more traffic than I-26 from the U.S. Highway 52 Connector to Ashley Phosphate Road. According to the Post and Courier, over 150,000 vehicles will pass through this location every single day. Where there are cars, there are risks for accidents. Statistically, 10 million car accidents occur each year. From minor scratches and fender benders to major, fatal accidents. It is estimated that a person will be involved in some kind of a car accident once every 17 years. If you have been involved in an accident, Green Law Firm can help.

Move fast. Take swift action. The most important thing you can do once an accident has occurred is to secure an attorney and start securing evidence to reinforce your claim!

Comparative Negligence and Your Car Accident Lawsuit

One thing crucial to your accident lawsuit is the idea of comparative negligence. When an accident has occurred in the state of South Carolina, it is simply not a black and white issue. Instead, it’s about a lot of gray. Comparative negligence means that both the plaintiff (person initiating the claim) and defendant (the one whom the action is being taken against) may be held, to some degree, responsible for the accident. Judgment is passed based on the levels of responsibility each party has in the accident. Accordingly, compensation is awarded based on this judgment.

Comparative negligence makes it essential for you to secure a car accident attorney who fully understands the law. One who knows how to present evidence and build a strong case on your behalf. This is because…

  • South Carolina follows the 50 or 51 percent rule! This dictates that the plaintiff’s negligence must not exceed the negligence of the defendant. If the plaintiff is deemed 51 percent (or over) responsible, he or she is unable to recover any compensation! This is known as the “51 percent bar.”
  • In the case of multiple parties involved in the accident, the plaintiff’s negligence must not be more than the combination of (all) the defendants combined.

Judgment is a fine line between the burden of proof and defense! While contributory negligence is viewed as a case based on defense, comparative negligence is handled as a burden of proof case. This means that it us up to the plaintiff to prove that they acted in a negligent way that caused the accident!

How a Car Injury Lawyer Handles Evidence

Bill Green understands that the securing and presentation of evidence is vital to our success in the burden of proof! There may be no single thing more important than having a rock-solid case supporting you. Once you’ve contacted our team, we will jump into action to secure evidence on your behalf. Time is of the utmost importance.

We will help collect and secure evidence at the scene of your accident. This includes:

  • contacting witnesses before they forget essential details, and
  • capturing photographic and video evidence at the accident scene before it is cleaned up, cleared away or overgrown.

Also, we’ll make sure to gather any and all police reports, medical records and documents needed to support your case!
You can bet that the defendant’s insurance company will do whatever it takes to reduce their payout; shouldn’t you have someone fighting for you?

Call the Car Accident Lawyers at Green Law Firm Risk-Free

If you’ve just been involved in a car accident, you may be injured and worried. Worried about missing work for the next few weeks. Worried about the bills guaranteed to pile up. Worried about providing for your family in this challenging time. When you are worried, Green Law Firm is the solution. Securing our help is 100 percent risk-free. That means it costs nothing for us to review your case and answer your lingering questions.

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