Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Rock Hill

Call a Motorcycle Accident Attorney for Accidents in Rock Hill

If you have been in a motorcycle accident in Rock Hill, you can benefit from calling a lawyer that is well versed in these types of cases. Don’t take on the insurance companies alone, they have experienced attorneys on staff to help ensure a minimum payout, and can try to put the fault on you. The team at The Green Law Firm can offer you educated help concerning your motorcycle accident case.

Motorcycle Accidents Facts in Rock Hill South Carolina

Victims of Motorcycle Accidents run a much greater risk of serious injury, or even life threatening dangers, as there is little to protect them from the pavement, other vehicle and stationary objects when they go down. Many times, the victims families and loved ones are left with a lot of expensive hospital bills, loss of income, and grief.

Insurance companies retain legal staff that can try to minimize the claim, and make it look like the motorcycle driver was at fault, even if they weren’t. Don’t take a chance on getting the compensation you deserve, to cover all the expenses caused by the accident during this time, and in the future. Call The Green Law Firm, and talk to a motorcycle accident lawyer about your accident and case.

Some causes of Motorcycle Accidents in Rock Hill

  • Vehicles Changing lanes without looking

    When a car changes lanes on the roadway without paying attention, they can run motorcycles off the road, or even run over the driver, causing serious injury or even death. Motorcycles are hard to see, so when driving one, take care when passing vehicles, and be prepared if they do begin to merge into your lane.

  • Failure of vehicles to stop or yield at lights and stop signs

    Cars failing to obey signs and lights can be a life changer for a motorcycle driver. Being that motorcycles are so much harder to see, cars running stop signs and red lights can run right into them.

  • Cars following too closely

    Many times, car drivers will follow a motorcycle too closely, and cannot stop as fast as a motorcycle. When this happens, the car can run right over the biker and the bike, causing injury or death.

If you or a loved one has been involved in a motorcycle accident in Rock Hill South Carolina, call The Green Law Firm, and find out what your rights are. There is no need to go up against an insurance company alone. The first consultation is free.