Do I Need an Attorney for My Car Accident?

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As experienced legal professionals, we know how valuable it is to have someone fighting for you after a car accident. We’ve have helped 35,000 individuals through this confusing and overwhelming time and recovered over $250 million in total compensation for accidents that may be similar to yours. Even so, you still may be unsure.

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Ask Yourself…

Do you need to secure the help of an attorney? One hundred percent yes! Let us explain. Take a moment to sit and focus. Being in a car accident can be scary; your nerves may be going a mile a minute! Now ask yourself these questions.

  • Were you hurt in the accident? (How is your back? Your neck? Did you see a doctor and were you cleared without injuries)
  • Was the other party in your accident hurt, to the best of your knowledge?
  • Beyond a smudge on your bumper, did your vehicle suffer any damage?
  • Were other vehicles damaged in the accident?
  • Was property damaged besides cars involved? Fences, buildings, light posts, etc.
  • Did someone else’s negligent behavior on the road cause your accident?
  • Was something “wrong” with the road or on the scene that caused your accident?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you’ll benefit from having Bill Green and Green Law Firm represent you in your car accident case!

We Expect the Unexpected in Your Car Accident Case

We’re detail-obsessed folks. We’re prepared to handle the unexpected and to guide you with respect and care through the process of your case.

It is essential you talk to an attorney who represents your interests before

  • Accepting any compensation insurance companies representing the other driver or even your personal insurance company offers, or
  • Making any official or recorded statement about the accident.

Doing so could compromise the size of your settlement and limit the money you are awarded.

I Want Help but Have I Waited Too Long?

Life is hectic and it moves forward at a breakneck pace. Circumstance may sometimes prohibit you from addressing your accident for awhile. According to South Carolina law, you have three years from the time your accident occurred to file a personal injury claim. Don’t delay another minute! Gathering evidence and trying your case takes time. Over time, evidence may be harder and harder to secure, witnesses more difficult to locate. If you have had a car accident within the last few years and are ready to move forward with the claim, call Green Law Firm for a no-risk assessment of your case!

If You Are Still on the Fence, Consider This….

You incur no costs when the Green Law Firm takes on your case. There is NO RISK! We are compensated only when you have been awarded a settlement. When you work with us, you can expect a legal team that

  • Knows how the system works and the rules at play
  • Does due diligence to assemble the facts of your case
  • Keeps your best interest in mind and knows that tough times call for tough lawyers and
  • Treats you with respect, dignity and care!

We’re here when you’re ready! Reliable. Focused. Waiting to help you receive the just compensation you deserve for your personal injury case. Call us at 888-800-2455 any time or day of the week to begin.

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