Vista bar sued for overserving motorcyclist, leading to passenger’s death

A Columbia bar is being sued for serving too much alcohol to a patron, who then took a female passenger riding on his motorcycle, and crashing, leading to her death.

The lawsuit is among several similar legal actions in the Midlands in the past year with the same issues of people leaving restaurants and bars drunk and someone being killed in their vehicles due to an accident.

South Carolina has no laws requiring bars to train waitstaff or bartenders serving alcohol to recognize signs of intoxication. Neither does South Carolina require bars to carry liability insurance for patrons they over-serve who injure or kill people on the roads.

Under state laws upheld by the S.C. Supreme Court, bars can be held liable if they serve alcohol to an obviously intoxicated customer who then goes on to kill or injure someone while behind the wheel.

Some businesses say that it’s difficult to tell who is drinking how much, as drinks often get passed around after they are bought. They say it’s challenging to tell when someone has had too much.

If you or someone you love are the victim of a car accident, due to someone driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, call The Green Law Firm today, you have rights.