Drunk Driver arrested…again

In October 2011, two children were killed in an accident, one was 10 years old and the other was 7 years old, and they were in the car with their 9 year old sibling and their grandparents. Apparently the family was heading home after church when another vehicle hit their van, killing the 10 and 7 year old.

After jail time and fines, the at-fault party does not seem to have learned his lesson. He was arrested again for drunk driving, but luckily the police were able to spot his drunkenness before he harmed anyone else.

Drunk driving is serious. You do not only put yourself at risk, but more often than not, you are at risk of seriously or critically injuring someone else. The sudden loss of a loved one is always hard, but when it happens to two young children it seems almost unjust. If you or someone you love has been injured in a drunk driving accident, or any type of accident, call Attorney Bill Green right away. We offer car accident attorney services throughout the state such as in Charleston and Columbia.  He will work hard to make sure you get everything you deserve.

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