Workers Compensation Lawyer Rock Hill

Do I have a workers compensation case?

Have you been injured on the job in Rock Hill SC? Are you concerned that you will not get compensation needed to cover all of your losses? There are laws in place to protect workers that have on the job injuries, to cover medical bills, and lost wages. The work comp attorneys at The Green Law Firm have experience helping injured workers get the compensation needed to help you and your family get through this tough time.

There are time limitations, so make sure you contact a workers compensation attorney to discuss your rights, and the actions you can take to protect your family and self. Don’t rely on your employers insurance to tell you what’s best for you.

When an injury is covered by workers’ compensation, it becomes the responsibility of the employer or its workers’ compensation insurance company to provide medical treatment.
Treatment must be provided to help take care of the injury, and to help the employee return to work. Medical treatment includes medical services such as doctor’s visits, rehabilitation, diagnostic testing, surgery, prosthetics and medications.

Medical treatment is provided only for the injuries that are covered, as well as conditions that are directly caused by the covered injury. Medical treatment may be denied if the employee waits too long before getting treatment.

What happens in a workers comp case?

Doctors will prescribe necessary medical treatment, and the authorized treating physician will assign temporary and permanent work restrictions that will determine when the injured employee can return to work as well what kinds of work the employee is cabable of. The authorized treating physician will also assign disability ratings which will determine payment of permanent partial disability benefits. This can effect an injured worker for the rest of their life. The importance of a qualified workers compensation attorney can not be overstated.

What should I do if I am hurt on the job?

If you have an on the job accident in Rock Hill, you should immediately inform your direct manager or supervisor, and then get medical treatment. Do not discuss anything with the insurance company before you contact a Workers Compensation attorney, they will many times try to offer a low ball settlement, and get you to sign off quickly, possibly losing ongoing benefits.