Car Accident Fault Determination: What You Need to Know

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Depending on what state you live in, your level of responsibility in the accident you were just in could be up for debate. And who is at fault determines who is financially responsible for accident damages. This is an example of what is important to know and what it means when determining fault in an auto accident.

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It’s Saturday morning and you’re running errands with lots to do; time is flying by! Driving through your neighborhood, the windows are down and the radio is on. You stop at a red light and mess with the radio. The light turns green, and you put your foot on the gas and accelerate, but as you do, your cell rings, and you glance away to find it on the passenger seat when…BOOM…something hits you out of nowhere. Your air bag explodes. Brakes screech and you can smell burnt rubber! Someone hit you but you admit you have no idea where the car came from or how because you were driving distracted! Are you partially to blame for your accident? Are you going to be forced to pay for this? Money is SO tight, and your loved one’s hours at work just got cut back. You panic and visions of bills pile up in your head.

At Fault Accidents While Living in South Carolina

Personal injury law in South Carolina follows the system of “modified comparative fault.” This means that the amount you are awarded in an accident depends on the amount of responsibility you have for the accident. It is essential that you have an experienced legal team with proven results presenting accident cases and securing settlements on behalf of clients! The stronger your evidence and the more persuasive the argument that the other party was at fault, the greater your chance of receiving a more favorable award!

In the state of South Carolina, if a party carries 51 percent or more of the determined blame, they are ineligible for compensation. However, if you are less than 51 percent responsible, the amount you receive is directly related to the percentage of fault. For example, if accident damages incurred are $100,000 (for this purpose, think of this as being 100 percent of the compensation) and you are deemed 25 percent responsible for the accident… you will only recover $75,000. (These numbers are used as an example only.) This system protects motorists who bear even slight responsibility from being totally locked out of some recovery.

As a resident of South Carolina, you are required to maintain liability insurance on your vehicle. This insurance is designed to protect you and other parties involved in any potential accident from the costs incurred with medical bills and property damage.

No Fault Car Accident: What This Means for You.

Unless accident fault is really clear, you may be worried about what to do after a car accident that isn’t your fault. The answer is simple… breathe. And then ask for help. Even if you believe you are partially at fault for your accident, a no-risk consultation from Bill Green and the Green Law Firm can ease your burden and help determine the strength of your case. Remember, we take your case without any payment up front and only receive money based on your compensation! From start to finish, we’ll handle every detail of your case to make sure you get the compensation you deserve and are treated fairly and with respect. Call us today at 843-747-2455, and connect with a member of our team. Help is on the way!

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