How Much Can I Expect From My Car Accident Settlement?

You Want Answers About Compensation, We Understand.

You’ve just been in an accident and are adding up the medical bills, expenses, time away from work. Not to mention your pain and suffering! The natural question is to ask, how much is my car accident settlement worth? Great question! The answer is… it depends. Let us explain.

Some attorneys will promise you a certain amount of money for your accident claim. That’s unrealistic and not ethical. The reason why is because every accident occurs with the constraints of different circumstances. Your settlement amount will depend on several things; there is no set formula to determine compensation!

From a very small fender bender with the slightest sprain, to being rear ended or in a side impact life-altering wreck leaving you with significant injuries, to the most severe loss of life. Your compensation is related to the factors that define your accident.

What Are Some Things That  Affect My Settlement Amount?

Here are a few things that will greatly affect your compensation.

  • 1. How strong is your claim?
    South Carolina follows the law of comparative negligence. This law states that you can be partially responsible for your accident yet still receive compensation. As long as you are not more than 51 percent responsible, you can be compensated for your injuries. The less responsibility you hold for the accident occurring, the more compensation you can receive. The more liable  you are for your accident, the less your claim will be worth!

    Most awarded damages are known as compensatory damages. These are damages designed to compensate you for things such as medical expenses, lost wages from work, and pain and suffering. On occasion, when the circumstances of the accident are severe and gross negligence has occurred on the part of the driver responsible,

  • 2. How bad are your injuries?
    Once liability is established, the next factor that will determine your settlement is how bad you are injured. You should not seek a settlement until you have a full idea to the extent of your injuries! This assures that you are compensated fairly based on your actual medical needs.  Your settlement will take into account not only how widespread your injury is (were you injured in one spot, whiplash or did your full body sustain harm?) but also how severe the injury is. Is it mild enough to be healed with a few days or will it take several months? Or is the damage permanent?
  • 3. How do your injuries affect your life and work?
    The greater effect your injuries have on your life and ability to function, the more compensation you will be able to receive. How long will you be unable to work because of your injury? Compensation is designed to cover your loss of wages while recovering. If your injury is so severe that it has changed your ability to work entirely, or forced you to seek different work in general, you may receive even greater compensation!

This is where the idea of “pain and suffering” comes into play.  Are you still able to function normally? How have your personal and family relationships been affected by your accident, was your child hurt and how will it effect them over their lifetime?

An experienced legal team, like the seasoned professionals at Green Law Firm, will be able to tell the full story of your accident injuries!

What Is a Good Settlement for a Car Accident?

A good settlement for your car accident is a settlement that fairly covers:

    • All medical bills, including prescriptions, therapists, doctors and hospital visits for the entire duration of your injury,
    • Your auto repair and, or, replacement bills,
    • Income lost from being unable to work and the emotional pain and suffering from being unable to work, or forced to seek alternative employment, and
    • Your personal pain and suffering incurred as a direct result of your injury.

A GREAT settlement makes it fast, easy and as pain-free as possible to get back to your regular pace of life as soon as possible.  Green Law Firm will work tirelessly to make your case strong!

What’s Your Case Worth?

If you want to know how much YOUR settlement could be worth, contact Green Law Firm for a fast and free case evaluation. In many cases, we’ll have an estimate the same day.

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We’ll gather and compile time-sensitive and crucial evidence, including witness testimonials and scenes from your accident site, and work hard to see that you get what you deserve.